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Once your work order is placed in the system, you will be notified by email.

1st Level Gutter Cleaning - charge of $25
2nd Level Gutter Cleaning - charge of $50
Routine Maintenance
Wood/Pergola (trellis)/Lattice/Fascia
POA Owned Maintained Light Pole
(FPL Lights with Blue tops are the responsibility of FPL and may also be reported at
Pressure Washing Patio and Unit Sidewalk ($30.00 Fee for this service)

Attach images of your work order here:

* By submitting this Work Order, I understand that my work order will be placed in que for the Maintenance Team or may require an outside vendor to perform the work. The Vendor or staff may need to contact you directly to gain entry to patio or unit. Any obstruction (ie: screened in patios) are the responsibility of the owner to remove and replace prior to work being done. Some items may be scheduled for a later time due to scheduling of mass repairs to units of the same items: stucco, roof, and wood related issues. Landscaping does work in 4 sections, and will be scheduled in the regular rotation. (Trees in personal landscaping are not the responsibility of the POA and require ARR Form for removal or planting.)

I am authorized (owner, tenant or Property Manager) to request this work order and will be responsible for any charges that may occur. If a work order is deemed not the responsibility of the POA, you will be notified by email.

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